Nanny's Pecan Pie

Nanny's Pecan Pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Handmade in two sizes, 9" and 4" mini pies

Nanny’s Pecan Pie, named in honor of “Nanny” Edith, the grandmother of our owner Meredith. Just as “Granny” Ruth was famous for her fruit pies and passed her Apple Pie recipe down to us, “Nanny” Edith gave us so many of our nut and cream pies that we bake today.

Known as “the pie lady”, if there was a social event in town, Nanny was sure to be called upon to bring a tasty dessert. One of her signatures and most asked for creations was her pecan pie.

Nanny's Pecan Pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie ShopAnd Nanny was on to something because when we made her renown pecan pie, word got around.  In fact, our shop was even spotlighted in Taste of the South magazine for one of the South’s Best Pecan Pies due to our very own Pecan Pie from Nanny. That’s certainly something to write home about. To create our famed pie, we start with our special shortbread crust that is similar to a sweet and buttery cookie. Then, we fill it with crunchy pecans and generously pour our rich and golden pecan filling over the top. We pop those pies in the oven and bake them until firm yet moist and chewy. And, when you take a bite of that warm pie with its sweet and nutty flavor, you’ll know exactly why Nanny was known as the pie lady. Her passion for baking inspires us as we strive to create the same quality and recipes that she created all those years ago. While we’ve grown up a little from playing with dough in Nanny’s kitchen, we’re still connected to those roots as we provide pies in our shops. 

Our Nanny’s Pecan Pie, like our Granny’s Apple Pie, is a nod back to our heritage and also what we want to provide to future generations: memorable and simple Southern food done the old-fashioned way. And, just as Nanny was one of the first pie ladies in our history, we want to be the first pie shop in yours. 

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