I-40 Pie

I-40 Pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Handmade in two sizes, 9" and 4" mini pies"

Our most-asked about and one of our most-loved pies, the I-40, consists of pecans, chocolate chips, a sprinkle of toasted coconut, and a smooth pecan pie filling combined in a sweet shortbread crust. But why the name I-40? Well, our owners thought and thought, but no name for this mouthful of goodness seemed quite right. And then one day while stuck in holiday traffic on I-40, and naturally thinking of pie, they realized they had found the perfect name for this unique concoction: I-40.

I-40 Pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie ShopWhile capturing a slice of Tennessee, this pie reflects both a local reference point and a far-reaching road to the country. And, if any pie can go the distance, it’s the I-40.  Love for this pie soon made it a daily flavor and a staple of our kitchen. Every day customers visit us and request the I-40 for parties, birthdays, holidays, family reunions, or even just a sweet treat on their lunch hour. It’s a great go-to pie flavor if you’re trying our pies for the first time, or if you’re not sure what flavor to give to someone.

So, stop in today and try our I-40, or spread the love and share it with friends and family!

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