Southern Buttermilk Pie

Handmade in two sizes, 9" and 4" mini pie

Derived from an old Southern weather expression that describes clouds in a thin clabbered appearance like frothy fresh-churned buttermilk, a buttermilk sky often precedes fair weather. And as the song “Ole Buttermilk Sky” says:

“Ole buttermilk sky I’m keeping my eye peeled on you,
What’s the good word tonight
Are you going to be mellow tonight?”

Southern Buttermilk Pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop FranchiseWell, the good word today is our signature Buttermilk Pie! Smooth, mild, and sweet, our buttermilk filling is like a cross between a chess pie and a custard. In fact, it could even be described as similar to a sugar cookie. This flavor is great for people who prefer something without chocolate or for a taste of a simple Southern pie.

Like the weather lore passed down for generations, we inherited our Buttermilk Pie recipe from grandmothers with a craft for spinning a phrase and an art for baking. And, like farmers’ almanacs filled with pages of descriptions and notes on planting for the season and sky, our recipe books are filled with how to bake time-honored pies like our Buttermilk Pie that have been proven tried and true by generations of plates scraped clean and pie tins left empty. We love this pie so much that it’s our signature, and part of our namesake.

So next time you see a buttermilk sky, drop in and try one of our Buttermilk Pies. You can enjoy it under a fair sky and slip back into a time when homemade pies cooled on a windowsill.

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