Sports Illustrated picks Buttermilk Sky as a "Where to Eat in Knoxville"

We were excited to see that Sports Illustrated / loves our pie. Check out this portion of an article by's Andy Staples.

With Sweet P’s out of desserts, I decided to visit the other place I’d read about when I was scouting dishes the way Nick Saban scouts opposing offenses. A place called Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop had set up on Kingston Pike in Knoxville in 2012. I walked in and immediately knew what I needed. The featured pie at Buttermilk Sky is called the I-40 in honor of the perpetually-under-construction interstate that runs east and west through Knoxville. It mixes traditional pecan pie filling with chocolate chips and coconut shavings atop a shortbread crust.

The featured pie at Buttermilk Sky, the I-40.

The featured pie at Buttermilk Sky, the I-40.

Precious little in this world can enhance the standard pecan pie, but the coconut and chocolate chips do. Only adding coconut wouldn’t work. Only adding chocolate chips would make it too sweet. Adding both does the trick. But that isn’t why the I-40 is the best pie I’ve ever eaten. That perfect shortbread crust is why.  It’s tough to make a light crust that can handle the weight of a heavier filling such as pecan. Buttermilk sky has found a way. The crust didn’t disintegrate with each swipe of the fork. Instead, it came apart in huge hunks that held a commensurate amount of filling. But it didn’t do this because it was overly thick or burned. It remained light and buttery soft at the same time. It was a remarkable feat of pie physics, and I’m not sure I’ll ever meet another pie that measures up.‚Äč

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